Rob's Eagle Project

Habitat Preservation Walkway in Mary Beth Doyle Park


This walkway in Mary Beth Doyle Park was constructed for my Eagle Project with Troop 4, BSA.  It extends for over 270 feet along one of the paths in the park.  The purpose for the construction of this walkway was to keep people out of the mud that forms every Spring and Summer.  To avoid the mud, people would walk to the side on top of the plants next to the path.  Through repetition of this act, the plants would die and the path would widen, creating more mud.  This never-ending cycle is what my project put an end to.  Now, people can pass though the park with ease in any conditions without causing any harm.

How You Can Help

On February 1st I completed 100% of the fundraising and would like to thank members of the community, my relatives, and neighbors. 

If you are interested in supporting future Eagle Scout Projects, you can donate to Troop 4.  Send me an email at walkway(at)rickmktg(dot)com and I will put you in touch with the right person.


     Cutting the 6x6s down to size               The upper section              The same section after       

                                                               of the path                        after installation


Installing part of the walkway              Must...Finish...Before dark!        

one cold afternoon                                                                  

To view more photos, click here.  Slideshow is about 3 minutes.